Congratulations Andrea & Justin!

Happy Friday everyone!

This particular Friday is a very happy one for us as we received an email from Andrea & Justin, who met on in August 2013…


We interviewed Andrea last year, let’s re-cap on how the happy couple met…

Who first contacted who?

Andrea: I winked at Justin and to my delight he returned the favour.

What attracted you to each other?

Andrea: I think that after the initial winks we exchanged a lot of banter about growing up in Streatham. We lived and went to school in the same area during our formative years, so that was a common link from the start.

Where was your first date? Did you share your first kiss?

Andrea: We went to a pub at the end of a road I had lived on for 17 years but had never been into. A lady doesn’t kiss and tell 🙂

What dates have you been on since?

Andrea: We have done the usual things and been out for meals, to bars, to the cinema etc.

Do you have any funny stories about each other?

Andrea: We have loads of funny stories but they are either too outrageous to share or private jokes (of which there are many) when ‘you really had to be there’ in order to find them amusing.

What are your hopes and plans for the future?

Andrea: More of the same, we have gotten off to a cracking start and look forward to seeing where the journey takes us.

What would you tell others still searching for love online?

Andrea: Keep going because you never know what or who is around the corner. I have been in the modern dating jungle on and off for many years. Now, I have finally met someone who has made all that searching worthwhile.

And what a journey they have been on in the last year!

We are thrilled to announce that in May 2014, the lovely couple moved in together, and on 14th August 2014 (just 367 days after first talking!) Justin proposed to Andrea, and she of course said YES! The soon to be husband and wife went on to say…

We cannot believe how far we have come in a year and are the happiest we’ve ever been. We would like to thank for helping us to finally find one another (having lived and worked in the same area for all of our lives!) and changing our lives forever. We are excitedly planning our wedding to the delight of our loved ones. We cannot thank you enough!

We can’t express how truly happy we are for Andrea and Justin, and we hope they’ll send us pictures of what we know will be a beautiful wedding!

Until next time, 

The Just Singles Team.

One response to “Congratulations Andrea & Justin!”

  1. Liz says:

    How Lovely, Its stories like this that keeps me going and never to give up searching for my soul mate big congratulations to Andrea and Justin.