“By That First Glimpse, I Knew!”

Yes, that’s right, we have yet another wonderful success story to share with you! This one really made us smile. Janine met Dave on Just Single Parents, this is her story…

Janine and Dave

“Well where do I start, thanks to Just Single Parents I have found my perfect match!

I met Dave on Just Single Parents when he winked and messaged me at the end of May. We continued to message and then exchanged email addresses. After a few days Dave gave his  mobile number and  left it up to me to get  in touch.  We spoke  for hours on end each night and we would talk about everything and anything. It was amazing to build such a strong bond with someone  before even meeting them!.  We decided after a week to meet and Dave came down from Surrey to Watford . He is very spontaneous and changed the date  by bringing it forward.

Our first meet was amazing , by that first glimpse I knew! . We  hit it off straight away and had our first kiss within the first  5 minutes! Its been an amazing 5 weeks.  I have a young son aged 9 and I was concerned about allowing someone into our life  due to some bad experiences in the past . I needn’t of worried as Dave has been great with him. They both love football and seeing them play has made my life a happy one!  The only down fall is that he supports Chelsea and I am West Ham so I am sure we ill have some banter when the football season starts again! 

We both cant believe how this has turned out!   The first date we stayed up till 4am talking and he crashed on my sofa and I went to bed! The next day we went for a long walk and we couldn’t stop cuddling and kissing each each other. It was bizarre as I hadn’t experience such closeness with someone in such a short time. We now see each other every weekend Friday – Monday morning and again on Wednesday . We have booked a holiday in August and everything is good! 

Online dating does work and I am so pleased I took the plunge to do it and have recommended the site.

We’re so happy for Janine and Dave and wish them a long and happy future together!

Until next time,

The Just SinglesTeam.

6 responses to ““By That First Glimpse, I Knew!””

  1. Linde says:

    WHOO…. it’s amazing and to hear that realy people can match.I hope we can trust people from different places and different situation that they can make it as Dave and Janine.

    Keep it up !!

  2. andrew nichols says:

    nice to see a good real life story heard so much negative about sites good to see some true life happiness that has worked on here keep up the good work

  3. tony says:

    I love this dating site very much for connecting men and women.
    thank you very much for your service.