Big First Date Turn Offs


Who doesn’t want to make a great first impression? People who do these things on a first date…

They complain about the prices
Complaining about money on a first date definitely give the impression that they’re a bit of a cheapskate.  They should have done their research and suggested a different venue. Tactfully suggesting you should have gone somewhere else or offering to pay for yourself should make them stop.

They’re rude to the staff
This will be an indicator of their true personality. If they’re losing their cool or talking down to someone on the first date, it can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Politely tell them that it made you feel uncomfortable.

Showing off
There’s a difference between being confident and being cringe-worthingly arrogant. If they’re boasting about things like money, the best thing to do is to change the subject or just look completely uninterested by what they’re saying and hopefully they’ll get the message.

They won’t get off their phone
If you’re trying to get to know someone, phones should be on silent and in bags/coat pockets. Constantly texting and checking Facebook is really boring and annoying. Make a joke about them being glued to their phone and they’ll realise that they’re being rude.

Getting drunk
One or two drinks is fine. But if they’re already trollied before you’ve even got to the main course, find an excuse and get out of there!

We think that if your date is guilty of 1 or more of these turn offs, then you have every right to AVOID a second date! What are your biggest turn offs?

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The Just Singles Team.

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