“Be Brave, Make That First Move!”

Hi all,

We received a lovely email this week from Brian, who met his partner on Just Senior Singles. This is his story…


I had been on the site as a full member about for 6 weeks, had done the usual searching and had a couple of dates which led to friendship but nothing else. Then about 3 weeks ago I stumbled accross the picture of a lady who was stunning to my eyes. I sent a message not really thinking that I would get a reply. I told her how attractive I found her and how much we seem to have in common, and how I would love to get to know her better.

The next day I logged on and in my inbox was a response from her. I thought it would be a polite refusal to my offer of chatting, but to my surprise she thought it a great idea, so we arranged to chat the following night, which lasted about 5 hours. The next night we chatted again and swapped numbers. I told her I was on holiday and had booked a weekend in Edinburgh. She lives on the other side of Glasgow and said it was a shame we could not meet up. I agreed and never gave it a second thought.

That weekend I travelled to Edinburgh and while relaxing in the hotel, I received a phone call from her asking if I would meet her in Glasgow that night. I said yes then thought how do I get there!? The hotel staff were great and said a bus left every 15mins for Glasgow so we arranged to meet at Central Station for 7.30. I arrived at the bus station and my date phoned to say that she would walk up to meet me. It was absolutely pouring down, but I noticed her above anyone else when we walked towards each other. We greeted each other with a polite kiss then decided to find a place to eat and chat. We found a nice Spanish restaurant and enjoyed a lovely meal and a drink, but the night passed all to quickly, as it does when you are having fun.

I walked her to the train station, we found her platform and as we chatted it just seemed so right to kiss, it was not preplanned, it just happened. After that we spent 3 wonderful days together including a day trip to Belfast to the Titanic exhibition and it was great fun.

Since returning home, we talk constantly and I have made plans to visit her again, and for her to visit me in Durham.

I would like to thank Just Senior Singles for bringing us together, and my advice is to other singles is don’t give up, be brave make that first move, and don’t let any lack of confidence stop you from doing that. I know confidence is an issue with most of the people on the site, but don’t let a refusal get you down… persist, it’s worth the endeavour.


We’re so happy to have played a part in this wonderful story. Why not take Brian’s advice and make the first move today?

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.