Bad Date Ideas and What to do Instead

When you’re planning a first date the options are almost endless.  Chances are, at some point, you have been the one planning and organising a date and the pressure can feel immense!  While the “go-to” dates are easy, it is unlikely you will make a real impact.  Remember, first impressions are everything and in the world of online dating you’ll be making this decision before actually meeting them face to face!

Read on to see what we think are the worst dating ideas and what to do instead…

Don’t Do This: Go to the Cinema…
Do This: Visit a Movie Location.

Going to the cinema is a really great way to learn absolutely nothing about your date.  Instead, why not visit a nearby movie location?  They’re more common than you think and the best thing is it won’t cost you anything!  Have a Google and find somewhere you’d both enjoy.


Don’t Do This: Group Activities…
Do This: “Just The Two Of Us…”

It’s surprising how many people try to plan a first date around their existing social events and simply invite their date to “tag along”. It will put you in a more comfortable position as you know other people but it is likely to make your date feel very uncomfortable. Sure, at some point meeting each others friends and family may be on the cards but this is definitely not something that should be done on a first date.  Keep it to just the two of you so you can really get to know each other.

Don’t Do This: Stay in…
Do This: Go out!

There is nothing wrong with going to your date’s house, or inviting them to yours but this is not something to do on a first date.  It comes across as lazy – like you can’t be bothered to think of something else or they are not worth the effort.  If you do invite them over, make sure you have plans for when they get there.  Putting a film on and ordering a takeaway simply won’t cut it.

Spending time outside has been proven to have a positive on your physical and mental health, it relieves stress and triggers a steep increase in creativity.  What’s not to love?  The options are endless… Go for a walk, visit a zoo, a fair, go for a bike ride…  Whatever it is you decide, being out and about is likely to create a positive atmosphere and a lot of great talking points.

What do you think makes a perfect date?  What kind of date would you like to be taken on?  Think about what you would do if you were asked to plan a date so next time it happens you’ll be ready with something impressive and fun!

Until next time,
The Just Singles Team