Avoiding Awkward Silences – Part 1

So you’re talking to someone online, things are going well and you’re getting along brilliantly when suddenly it hits you… Your relationship with this person is not confined to the Internet and at some point, in the near future, you’re going to want to meet each other face-to-face… Your head fills with worries and doubts. “What if they don’t like me?”, “What if they stand me up?”, “What if they look different to their photos?” and perhaps the biggest fear or all… “What if we have nothing to talk about?”

Nothing puts the brakes on an otherwise fun date like lack of conversation and common interests so here are out top conversation topics for saving awkward silences!

Look Around You

No matter where you are on your date, you can always find something to talk about just by glancing around. This can be as simple as commenting on the décor of the pub you’re in or pointing out a funny shaped tree, if you’re out and about. Anything beats an awkward silence and you can guarantee your date would rather you said something than letting the conversation fizzle out.


Opposites Attract

Even if you are your date have completely different tastes in music, films, TV shows and books, you can still use this as a great conversation starter. Even the most perfectly matched couple will disagree on some things so don’t worry if you don’t see eye-to-eye on everything. Sometimes different opinions can do wonders for your conversation. If you fancy a second date why not suggest watching your favourite film that they have never seen or a concert by your favourite band that they have never listened to?

Have I Got News For You

Although we would suggest avoiding any political topics or anything that is going to put a downer on the day, bringing up a light-hearted, funny new story you have read is sure to help the conversation along in good direction.


Keep these ideas in mind when you’re on a date and you can be sure to keep your conversation flowing smoothly! Come back next week for some more great talking points for your date.

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team