Avoid This Common Dating Mistake

Did you know the most common dating mistake that people make on dating sites involves their profile photo? Here’s how to prevent losing out on loads of attention…

What’s The Common Dating Mistake?

People are going missing and it’s serious. Not literally of course, but within their own profile photos. Faces are being hidden by crowds of people, children or filters and it’s got people confused. Overcrowding your profile photos just so happens to be the most common dating mistake.

Why Does It Matter?

If your first photo is of a crowd of people you’re missing out on that vital first impression. People are instantly put off by a crowd scene, because no one wants to send that awkward first message, “Erm, sorry, but which one are you?” It’s no way to start a meaningful relationship. If you are including your children in your first photo, this is instantly going to distract the viewer from you. Remember, this is your profile, not your child’s, so YOU should always take centre stage,

Any Advice?

In your first photo – go it alone! Make it all about you, showing off your best self. Make it a clear, bright photo. We know that your family/friends/children are important to you and it’s great to include them in some of your photos if you wish, but keeping them out of your first photo shows that you are confident in yourself and serious about finding someone.

So there you are, taking care of your profile photo is a quick and simple way of dramatically increasing your dating success. Take a look at your first photo now and make sure you’re not getting lost in a crowd!