Absolutely Fabulous Darling!


Last night we had exclusive tickets to see Ab Fab the movie before the release and we are so excited to tell you that the film is, well, absolutely fabulous darling!

Jennifer Saunders has written a glamorous, hilarious screenplay adaptation of the TV series we all know and love, Absolutely Fabulous. We were not disappointed with the story line, it’s as extravagant, outrageous and hilarious as we had hoped! Edina and Patsy are still living the high life, glammed up to the highest level and getting into all sorts of bother!

You may have heard by now that the cameo list is endless, we intended on noting down each and every person we recognised, however in one scene it got so out of hand, we couldn’t keep up! It’s definitely worth watching just to see the glitz and glamour of the guest stars!

If you, like us, love moments like these then head to your local cinema this weekend, you will not be disappointed!

I think we can all relate to these moments!

The relationship between Edina & Patsy


The perils of aging


Eddie and her daughter!


Patsy, just being Patsy…


Go on, treat yourself to some laughter this weekend – it’s the perfect date film!


Until next time,

The Just Singles Team