A Guide To Online Flirting

Online flirting has changed. There’s a fine line between casually flirty and a bit creepy. Here are the dos and don’ts of flirting online.

Lost In Translation

When sending messages, it’s very easy for people to take things you say the wrong way. Something you mean to be flirty or funny could easily be read differently. To avoid anything you say being misunderstood, always read through what you’ve written before pressing send.

What do they mean when they are online flirting. A man looks confused.
“What do they mean?”

Online Flirting: The Checklist

Here are a few things to ask yourself before sending any message that is of a flirty/funny nature:

  • Have they just told me a joke or flirted with me?
  • Has this person laughed/responded well to this kind of message before?
  • Would this be a better thing to say in person?
  • Is my tone clear enough?
  • John Travolta is just checking that you are online flirting

    Just Kidding!

    When telling a joke or being light-hearted there are a few things you can do to show you’re not being serious. Emojis are a great way to add the right tone and they can make all the difference. Here’s an example:

    “I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes.” – sounds a bit offensive
    “I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes ????” – clearly shows that you are joking

    Other ways to add a light-hearted tone is to say things like “joking!” or “haha” to anything that is meant to be laughed at.

    Online Flirting To Dating

    Some things are better said in person, so if you’re at all in doubt, wait until you meet in person to step up your flirting. On a date you can let your true personality shine, so don’t hesitate to ask someone out once you feel you’ve got to know them enough through messages.

    Just be yourself in your messages and if in doubt, leave your comedy gold and risque one-liners for when you meet in person!