7 First Dates To Avoid


With first dates all about getting to know each other, wise decisions about your first date activity are vital. From deciding what to wear through to finding things to talk about, the first date can not only be difficult but can also carry a huge potential for awkwardness. The last thing you want to do is make the first date any harder for yourself with a bad choice of date activity…

1. The Cinema

You may be thinking that the cinema is the classic, fail-safe first date but really, that’s where you’d be wrong! For a start, you can’t see each other as soon as the lights go down and you certainly can’t have a conversation over a film. Save the cinema date for a few dates down the line.

2. A Wedding

Bringing a virtual stranger as your plus one to your cousin’s wedding may seem like a good idea but remember that the first date is your opportunity to spend one on one time together, as you get to know each other. This will always be difficult when everyone, from your own over enthusiastic parents to your Aunt Sally want to get to know the stranger by your side too. And when these awkward introductions are accompanied by “so, when’s YOUR wedding?” Well, you might as well call it a day there and then.

3. Strenuous Activities

Activities like bike riding, rock climbing or a 6 hour uphill hike aren’t ideal situations for in-depth conversation. You also want this person to find you attractive, and getting sweaty, dirty and out of breath in front of them might just have the opposite effect.

4. Fast Food

You might think that going for a burger and chips is a nice, casual approach to a dinner date, and there is nothing wrong with not wanting to break the bank. But taking your date to a fast food restaurant suggests that you haven’t made any effort to impress them and even worse, that you don’t think they’re worth impressing!

5. A Nightclub

If you were actually planning to get to know your date, a nightclub is one of the last places you should consider. Competing with loud music all night as you try to keep the conversation flowing just won’t work. And whilst hitting the dance floor together may seem like a fun idea, dancing with somebody new can end up feeling quite awkward!

6. A Night In

A cosy night in together can be great, but only once you know each other fairly well. You should always consider your safety on first dates and going to your date’s house, or inviting them to yours could put you in a vulnerable position. Remember, first dates should always be in a public place.

7. A Date With Friends

A double or even triple date with your friends and their partners could be a lot of fun but might not give you the best opportunity to get to know each other. With too many people around, you risk ignoring your date to pay attention to your friends or, ignoring your friends while you pay attention to your date. Either way, you’ll probably end the evening feeling like you haven’t got to know each other very well at all.

Even the best company can be ruined by the wrong situation. So give yourselves the chance to really hit it off by putting some thought into the first date… and give these ideas a miss!

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