5 Things All Women Do Before A Date


Dates naturally involve a lot of preparation for us girls. Of course there’s the obvious stuff like making sure we look phenomenal, but do men really know the full extent of what goes on in a woman’s life during the build up to a hot date? Here’s 5 things we’re all guilty of…

1. Look him up on Facebook

Some may call it stalking, but we prefer the term “researching.” His online dating profile is obviously only going to have a select few photos where (in his mind) he looks his best. We want to see the real him. From the drunk stag-do snaps his so called mates tagged him in, to the cringe worthy statuses he posts; this profile tells us so much more vital information than we’d ever get from his seemingly perfect dating profile.

2. Work out what his ex-girlfriend looks like

While we’re stalking, sorry, “researching” his Facebook profile, if we happen to come across a series of old photos with the same girl, well, then the research steps up a gear! Investigating a potential ex-girlfriend not only gives us an idea about his taste in women but we also can’t help but compare ourselves to her. Is he upgrading or downgrading by going out with me? If that was his ex-girlfriend, is there likely to be relationship potential with me? Yes, we’re nuts.

3. Tell our friends

As the date fast approaches, we’re filled with a mix of nerves and excitement. These sorts of feelings translate into something we just have to tell our friends about. “I’ve got a date tonight!” are not unfamiliar words among groups of single females. These words are commonly followed by a surge of interest and a need to know ALL details.

4. Show our friends

Not satisfied with all the information we have on this date, our friends will inevitably then want to see a photo of the man himself. Having done all our research, we now know exactly where to find the best photo of him. Oh no, our friends can’t just see any old photo. We make sure we show them the one photo where he’s most likely to meet their approval. The one photo that’s capable of making them wish they were going on this date. Allowing your friends to see everything you’ve seen on his Facebook is just not permitted.

5. Panic

Dates are scary. And the closer the date gets, the more scared we get! Manic thoughts of “Will I like him? Will he actually like me? Will we have enough to talk about? Will it be awkward?” run through our minds until, in true female style, we’ve over-thought every possible scenario and turned ourselves blue in the face. The fact is, the second the date begins, all these thoughts disappear and we’re cool as a cucumber… we hope!

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Emma is an Email Marketing Executive. She went to Bournemouth Arts University and has a degree in Fashion Studies. She has a love for vintage markets and enjoys nothing more than a weekend at a muddy music festival.