5 Single Girl Habits That Make You More Attractive To Men


You may want to meet Mr. Right but don’t forget your single girl habits… they’re what will make you sexier than ever to the right guy…

1. Friends

Everyone hates the girl who the exact second she gets a guy drops off the radar and doesn’t resurface until she’s halfway through a break-up crying down the phone. There’s another great reason not ditch your friends for a guy though: your friends help you stay sexier. All men love a woman who’s the life and soul of the party, has great friends to match-make with his, and goes on girl’s night’s out so that he can have one with the lads.

2. Not Always Being Free

Playing the old ‘don’t respond to their message for 2 days’ trick is not only out dated but men will see right through it. Instead it’s better to be genuinely busy because you have a life crammed full of invites just like in your single days.

3. Having Hobbies

You can’t make that dinner date because you have a yoga class you absolutely won’t miss? Perfect. Guys often have hobbies (think 5 aside) or things (computer programming) that they geek out over and that will always be close to poll position in their life. Beat them at their own game by having a passion entirely outside your relationship that makes you a woman they’re proud to introduce their mates to.

4. Going After What You Want

That job in Hong Kong is a no-brainer when you’re single, when you’re in a relationship it becomes an impossible decision. The right thing to do though is usually the one that helps you to build your own dreams. Strong relationships survive tough decisions: and that woman who put her life on hold for a guy? Always a bad move!

5. Loving Your Own Space

So he’s going on holiday with his mates? Instead of moping around missing having someone to spoon you on the sofa you should be jumping for joy at having some space. Single women know the value of solo time to veg out: love your own space and you’ll feel a lot more confident when you both have time apart.

So always remember the classic rule of thumb: the best relationships come when two individuals get together, not when you become a single unit. Keep your friends, your career and your dreams alive and you will be sexier to him.

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