5 Signs The Date Went Well

 Good Date

So, you had a date last night and now your friends want to know how it went…  You think it went well, but you can’t really be too sure… You had a good time and it certainly seemed like they had a good time but you don’t want to sound too cocky right now, just in case it was actually the worst date they ever had and there’s a minus 1% chance they’ll ever be seeing you again! Sound familiar? Here’s 5 signs to (hopefully) fill you with a little more post-date confidence…

1. The Body Language
You don’t have to be a body language expert to know when someone is interested in you and what you have to say. Women in particular will avoid eye contact if they’re not interested, so some eye-on-eye action throughout a date can only be a good sign. Other positive language such as smiling, leaning in towards one another and maybe even some occasional physical contact would all suggest the date had been a gooden.

2. The Conversation
There’s nothing worse than coming away from somewhere and hearing the sound of your own voice echoing in your head because you’d been talking so much. Equally as terrible is leaving somewhere, exhausted from listening to someone’s constant rambling, and not being able to get a word in yourself. Of course, the idea is to get to know your date whilst also letting them get to know you. The ideal conversation flow on a date will involve a good, equal balance of speaking from both sides.

3. The Goodbye
Ending a date and going your separate ways has to be the most awkward part of the entire affair. Do you go in for a kiss or just an awkward hug? A lingering goodbye where you’re both playing with your keys and contemplating going in for the kill would suggest that the date had been more successful than one that ends with a very quick goodbye-and-run-for-it. So, the longer the parting of company, the better the date!

4. The Feeling
Your gut instinct immediately after the date is a pretty sure sign of how well it went. Feeling relieved that it’s over doesn’t exactly bode well for any sort of happy future with this person, but if you find yourself grinning from ear to ear and checking your diary to see when you’re next free to see them, chances are they are on their way home feeling exactly the same. Exciting!

5. The Follow-up
Typically if a date has gone well, you’ll be left with the other person on your mind and will have an urge to speak to them again. Even if it is just a quick text to say thank you for a nice time, any contact later that evening, or even the next morning would suggest that the date had gone well, and that you’d left a lasting impression. There’s no rules about who should make the initial contact but good date signs don’t come much clearer than being on the receiving end. That said, if a few days pass with no contact at all, you might just want to cut your losses. But hey, there’s plenty more fish in the sea, right?

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