5 Reasons Why Traffic Jams Can Be Good For Your Love Life

This week Jenna talks about finding love in a traffic jam…

It’s 5.45pm, you’re sat in traffic, there’s nothing good on the radio and all you’re thinking about is getting home to dinner and a glass of wine. But hold on, who’s that? You look over to your right and see the driver of the car next to you is checking you out… and this is where the traffic love game comes in. I’m going to tell you a few simple ways to test whether mysterious driver is dating material or not (after you’ve checked for a wedding ring of course)…

1. Give his/her car the once over. You can tell a lot about someone by the upkeep of their car. For example, my car has a couple of scratches on the exterior but it’s clean. The inside is a little messy but it’s not chaotic. To anyone playing the traffic game, this would tell you that I’ve taken a few hits but I’m not a complete wreck, and that whilst I’m not the most organised person in the world, I’m not about to appear on Hoarders buried under a mountain of take away containers and cat food cans.

2. You’ve checked the exterior; now let’s focus on the interior. Is he/she a smoker? This is a deal breaker for a lot of people. Is there a baby seat in the car? Not everyone is comfortable dating someone with kids. What do they have hanging from their rear view mirror? Air fresheners are acceptable; fluffy dice and baby shoes are not – especially if there’s no baby seat. That’s just creepy.

3. Work out what kind of music they’re into. This isn’t really too important in a love match, but its fun to play this part of the game. If they’re singing along to the radio, try and work out what it is they’re singing. If he/she is belting out Adele or Whitney – they’re probably still pining over an ex. Move on to another car.

4. Now you’ve done the ground work, it’s time to find out what kind of boyfriend/girlfriend they’d make. Are they letting others into their lane? If they are, jackpot! He/she is unselfish and considerate of others. Now look at their face (not if they’re looking back at you – creepy, and not if you’re moving – safety first!), how are they handling the bad traffic? If they’re waving their arms in the air, swearing and beeping their horn… they probably aren’t the most patient person in the world. This is especially important for women. If you’re running late for a date because you couldn’t find the right outfit or your hair just had one of ‘those’ days, he’s going to be mad at you.

5. Time to make your move. You’re sat in traffic so you’re limited as to what you can do here. You’ll have to say it all with your eyes. Casually look over every now and again, if they’re interested, they’ll notice. If you catch eyes, don’t look away and pretend you weren’t looking, lock eyes for a second, then look away. The timing of this is imperative. If you hold the gaze for longer than you should, you’ll look like a stalker. Now smile to yourself, a little smile, and then look back. If they’re still looking and smiling back at you, you’re onto a winner!