5 Exes We’ve All Encountered


We’ve all been in past relationships, good and bad, and with those relationships come exes. No matter what your war story is, you can always take comfort in the fact that someone else has been through a similar situation. We know exactly what you’re going through; here are five types of exes we’ve all encountered…

The ex that got hot
You spent pretty much all of your relationship trying to get them to eat something green, but as soon as you break up they decide it’s time to hit the gym and turn into a beautiful butterfly. Yes, it’s sad that someone else gets to be with them and you got the un-edited version, but at least you get to tell people that you were lucky enough to touch that. Be proud that losing an amazing specimen like you was the motivation for their transformation.

The ex you’re still friends with
You just weren’t right for each other and mutually decided to stay friends instead, good for you! Although you might now be happy with the odd coffee date and inside joke, your future partner probably won’t be. It’s nice to stay civil with someone after a break up, but unless you really can’t live without them, the friendship usually fizzles out after a while.

The crazy ex
There were odd things you noticed when you were dating, but nothing could have prepared you for the wrath of the scorned ex. Endless phone calls, explicitly vile texts and passive-aggressive Facebook updates – you had a lucky escape! Change your number, forget about your favourite t-shirt that they’re still holding captive and just accept that you’re going to hear rumours about yourself A LOT.

The ex you hate
Oh they hurt you, they hurt you bad. Maybe they cheated, maybe they dumped you without a care in the world; whatever the reason, you sort of wish they would fall off a cliff. Time is the only healer for this one I’m afraid, revenge is sweet but they’ll just label you as their ‘crazy ex’ (see above) and you’ll end up looking like the bad guy. All you can do is move on and hope that you get famous, write songs about them and earn millions from your heartbreak.

The ex that got away
For some reason it just didn’t work out at the right time, but you still hold a candle for each other. You have a partner, then they have a partner – there’s never been a good time to be together! You still day dream about them often and in the back of your mind you hope that you might be able to make it work one day. Until then, thank god for social media so you can still keep an eye on them!

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