3 Summer Dating Must Have’s

romantic couple kissing while holding ice cream

Ahh Summer… the season of BBQ’s, suntan’s and romance! Don’t you just love it?

We’ve put together our list of Summer dating must have’s to make sure your Summer lovin’ (queue singing) is nothing short of perfect!

1. Deodorant 

body odour

Seems like an obvious one doesn’t it? But spend an afternoon on a busy train and you’ll quickly realise it’s not! B.O is a no-no! And nowadays, thanks to the handie travel sized deodorant’s, there’s really no excuse!

2. Lip Balm


Picture the scene… you’re coming to the end of an amazing evening with your date, and you suddenly realise – they’re going in for the kill. This is it! Your first kiss! But wait, what’s that? You lick your lips and suddenly realise your lips feel like sandpaper. You think “I should have listened to Just Singles, I should have bought lip balm!

Don’t do it to yourself. Always be prepared for the kiss. Guys – that goes for you too. Oh and ladies, avoid the sticky lip gloss. Guys hate that!

3. Sun Cream 


Ah if only that were true. Put down the Martini and buy yourself some sun cream. Pink is definitely not the new black.

And there you have it, your Summer dating must have’s! Is there anything else you can’t leave the house without in the Summer? Let us know below!

Until next time, 

The Just Singles Team.