3 Dates 3 Months – The One Where She Found Her Mr. Darcy


We’ve been so excited about sharing this blog post with you. 3 Dates 3 Months challenger, The Mummy Blogger has closed the curtains on the challenge after meeting someone special on JustDivorcedSingles.com. Read on to find out what happened…


Those readers who’ve been following my dating exploits over the last few weeks will remember that I was chosen to be one of the Just Singles #3dates3mths bloggers recently and was given the task of finding 3 different dates over 3 months and showing that ‘love blossoms in the unlikeliest of places’.

I was keen to take up my challenge and had thought of the ways I could get out there, flutter my feathers, stretch my wings and get this little bird flying again.  What I didn’t expect on was that my first date would go quite so well as it did.  My date was to be a simple traditional affair, drinks and dinner at a restaurant of my choice.  Somewhere I felt comfortable and at ease.  Always a good idea when you’re out for a first date as it gives you confidence.

The night was a fabulous evening, brilliantly flowing conversation, witty jokes, little moments of intimacy, a hand touch, a shoulder brush, a common denominator we didn’t expect but that which made us both smile.  A gentleman is a rare thing in 2014, men have forgotten their manners in general, and no more is about wooing and courting a lady and making her feel like a million dollars and she’s the only woman in the room.  If there’s one thing that online dating shows you is just how many guys out their masquerade behind fake photographs and promises.

My date though does not fall into that category and for the best part of three hours I felt like the only woman in the room as he was attentive to my words, intrigued by how the art of blogging works and we talked business ideas and what makes each other tick.  We laughed over stories of our past and come the end of the evening when the bill arrived there was none of this ‘going Dutch’ principal.  He offered to pay and flatly refused any attempt by me to do so.


Walking in the teeming rain to my car it was a gentlemanly arm around me holding an umbrella, I felt like Audrey Hepburn and instead of a pouncing, groping kiss goodnight it was a delicate kiss on each cheek and a promise to ‘do this again’.  Then a text to say what a lovely night and was I home safely.  Manners and a genuine interest go a long way.

So have we ‘done it again’?  Yes we have.  In fact we’ve done several dates since.  All equally wonderful, good fun and relaxing.  Our conversation continues to flow like a stream finding it’s path through the mountains, gentle, free flowing and refreshing.  There’s a refreshing honesty in our relationship – there’s a no bullshit attitude from both of us.  I’m 35 not 25 and don’t want to be faffing about doing this dating thing for ever, neither does Mr Darcy.

Afternoons with each other at the weekend are relaxed and laid back, a country pub somewhere, a meal out, little comments from him to remind me I am special and have qualities that are endearing and let’s face it every woman loves a compliment and it’s often the case that we don’t get enough of them.


So am I doing any more dates as part of my #3dates3mths challenge?  No.  Mr Darcy is ticking all my boxes and I am ticking his, there’s a long way to go and hurdles to climb but we’ve agreed that we’d like to climb them with each other and so for now I am playing Elizabeth and enjoying the attentions that dating Mr Darcy brings.

We couldn’t be happier for Charlotte and her Mr. Darcy! If you’d like to read more from The Mummy Blogger, check out her blog here. You can also follow her on Twitter.

Until next time,

The Just Singles Team.