3 Dates 3 Months – On Ice!


For her first 3 Dates 3 Months challenge, London socialite Nixalina (otherwise known as Sex & London City) took to the ice in search of a date. Read on to find out how she got on…


Nope, this is not an article teaching you the ways of freezing your emotions to avoid ever being hurt again, more’s the pity. I can write about that too if you wish, at a later stage. It’s addressing what every single girl thinks about; the next boy to come along. We’re all wondering when our next date will be, who will be the future date, lover, boyfriend…you get the jist. But where o where do you go to actually meet the guys? Everyone knows getting pissed at a club has less chance leading to a decent tryst; more chance leading to a decent (albeit drunken) one night stand. It’s easy enough to find men in your current circles…work, friends, events. I know I’m sure as Hell done with dating models so, that strikes out my industry in general. So what to do? I say, venture to pastures new.


No, I’ve never seen Ice Hockey before in my life. I didn’t even know the rules. But it didn’t take much scientific logic to know it would be two teams of rather masculine men all bashing around on the ice, and in the stands watching would most likely be all their mates coming to support. Bingo. My cousin thought it would be a splendid idea and so to heck with it, we dragged out butts out on a Sunday night, took a seat and got involved.

Firstly, I actually had a blast. As an avid Netball player I am big on team sports and love the excitement of a close-call match. I picked up the rules (ish) as we went along and whilst I sipped my tea (clutching a pint of beer would not have bode well on first impressions of me) I scanned the stands next to us and opposite us, taking in the guys. Secondly, let’s just say the talent wasn’t just on the ice, but off too. Yes, I was in a room filled with men. Masculine men…the kind of men that wouldn’t hog the mirror or ask to borrow my moisturizer. With three intervals between the match I got a good opportunity to ‘nip to the loo’ and see these guys up close. Many were a ‘Monet’, shame, but some were definitely potential. ┬áMy cousin and I even played the ‘no yes no no‘ game as the teams finished their match and did a lap of victory. It’s hard to tell if he’s hot though, hiding underneath a helmet.


Being the over confident woman I am, once I pin pointed the guy I’d happily see again, I strolled over to him during the final interval and had a good ol’ chinwag. Potentially disastrous because you never know if a guy has a girlfriend or not, but I’d assumed being out minus a woman on a Sunday eve would mean he’s probably single. Yep, he was. Yes, we swapped numbers. And….no, no I’m not going to tell you if we met up after that. Some secrets are sacred! The point is not working out whether I met a decent guy or not, the point to this is:

If you want something different, you’ve got to do something different

If you’re bored of dating the same type of man that leads you down more dead end avenues than the streets of Venice, then stop going to the same places. Do something you’d not usually do, for then you have more chance of meeting someone you’d not usually meet. I’m talking exhibitions, museums, art shows, fairs, jazz bars, book clubs, football matches…obviously I’d avoid places like Gay bars, because I’m pretty sure you won’t find your true love there (unless you are gay then obviously head there first). Oh and another great one…a Sports bar. My friend and I stumbled into one by accident a few weeks ago and it was a bit like prey being dropped into a Lion’s den…except I’m positive I was in fact the Lioness and they were all potential prey. FILLED with men, who’s eyes occasionally flickered from the football match on the large screens to us, and then back again. Two loves of a man’s life; sports and women. They had ample of one, and we supplied the other. And YES, I swapped digits that day too.

Would I have usually gone to watch Ice Hockey or had drinks in a Sports Bar? F*ck no, I’d rather pull my own teeth out with pliers. But actually not only did I have fun, I met a lot of guys. Maybe none of them are for me…maybe they’re all married or taken or gay…or maybe one of them is single and exactly who I’ve been looking for. It doesn’t hurt to at least go does it? So go!

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