3 Dates 3 Months – Moving Forward


3 Dates 3 Months Challenger Lisa (aka Twins Tiaras and Tantrums) certainly made the most of the challenge! After a trip to Dublin, a sword fight at a local museum, and free access to JustSingles.com, Lisa reflects on the challenge and her dating life…


It’s been three months since I started the #3dates3mths challenge for Just Singles and guess what… I’m still single! I have a few ideas of why this could be and looking back on my two choices of challenges, there is no surprise that I’m still all alone.

Firstly, going to Dublin was great fun, but the fact that I chose three stunning friends who are a lot younger than me to go with, was never going to be my strongest pulling tactic. Let’s face it, what man would chose a 40 something flabby mother of twins, over a 20 something size 8-10 stunner?!?!


Secondly, the museum trip threw me a Mr Reasonable, but the fact I was with the girls wasn’t the best way of getting male attention. Unless of course the girls had actually managed to pull down the display, but then I guess that’s not really the sort of attention I was looking for!

Thirdly, the Just Singles dating site has provided me with nil dates so far. However, I think that is more down to me than the actual site. I’m renowned for being too choosy anyway and I swear this has got worse since I’ve had the girls; it’s not just me I have to think about now, I am also having to look for a father for my kids too…

Although I have enjoyed being part of the Just Singles challenge, I do find internet dating makes me a very shallow person. When I sat there of an evening picking fault with every male that graced my screen, I decided very quickly that this style of dating is definitely not for me! I think if I were to meet half of these men face to face, their personalities would be far more attractive to me than just a profile picture and write up.

Therefore, I have decided that blind dates could be the way forward for me. I’m now offering myself out to friends, to see if they can solve my single issue. I’m hoping they know me well enough to know what sort of guy would suit me and that they wouldn’t try to set me up with a serial cheat or psycho maniac!

I have decided I want to know nothing about these potential blind dates, nothing at all. I don’t want anything to tarnish my image of who I’m going to be meeting with negative thoughts before we even meet up. Therefore, here’s hoping that a nice guy with a great personality will finally come stumbling my way…

Watch this space!

We’re so sad that this challenge is coming to an end, but so grateful to have worked with talented bloggers such as Lisa. Check out her blog Twins Tiaras and Tantrums here. You’ll also find her on Twitter, go say hi!

Until next time, 

The Just Singles Team.