3 Dates 3 Months – Looking For Love Through A Lens

Lakes Single Mum
She tried online dating, now it’s time to find out what Becky, aka Lakes Single Mum has up her sleeve for challenge number 2! Read on to find out…
Lakes Single Mum
These weeks are flying past so fast this year that I forgot to do my monthly update! It has been a while since my Valentine’s day post… So how have things gone in the mean time?

Well I am sorry to say that the reaction to my new full length photo was an immediate block from the friendly gentleman! Guess I wasn’t his ideal body shape… oh well never mind if he bases his choices purely around things like that then he probable isn’t the man for me!

As yet I haven’t struck up a conversation on the site with anyone else. The problem with living in a small town in a rural area is that my options are reduced due to distance. I may have to spread my net wider though it would be a struggle to meet up with anyone living more than 45 minutes away..

So in real life what have I done to try and find a fella? Well the advice often is to engage in a hobby you enjoy in social situations so that at least you can find someone who has something in common with you. Therefore I found myself signed up for a one day photography workshop partly to improve my photography and partly to see if any eligible men turned up!


When we met up in the morning it turned out there was only one other lady on the course as most of the participants were male. That was a good start! Then I started to quickly exclude the males in the party for various reasons:

– under 18
– arriving with partner
– talking about wife

Oh dear it turned out that the only unattached adult on the course was me!

Well at least I got a chance to practice interacting with the male of our species as I mostly spend time with women these days… At least it proved that photography does have a great potential as a place to meet a fella I just have to keep on trying..

So its down to Plan C which is joining the gym. I have now almost fully recovered from my torn ham string and then concussion so its time I went and checked out a local gym and give it a try.. Watch this space after Easter!

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