3 Dates 3 Months – Don’t Call Me Babe

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3 Dates 3 Months blogger Mad Blogs and Englishmen went tango dancing for her first dating challenge. Now she’s tackling the world of online dating. Read on to find out how she got on…

“My online dating journey gets off to an inauspicious start.  The site invites me to write a profile.  I chew the proverbial pencil for a few minutes before beginning:

I like solitude.

Something tells me this isn’t a winning approach.  I think some more.  In the end I punch out a few lines indicating that I like dancingwriting, and cake, I don’t much like art galleries and museums, and, bottom line, we need to have a laugh together

60+ messages in my inbox later I’m realising there are things I like even more than cake.  Things like punctuation,spelling, and not being addressed as ‘Babe’.

Things like real life.

And with that thought, I close the tab, shower, get dressed, and go out.  To a gallery perhaps, with a cafe that serves really good cake.”

Well, it seems online dating is not for everyone. But chaps, let this be a lesson to you – always spell check before you send a message! To read more from Mad Blogs and Englishmen, check out her blog here.

Until next time, 

The Just Singles Team.