20 Just Singles Share Their Dating Deal Breakers…


Ever thought ‘I could really see a future with this person if they’d just stop flaring their nostrils!’? You’re not alone! We all have dating deal breakers that we just can’t let slide, so we’ve asked some relatively normal folk around the Just Singles office to share some of theirs…

“Dreadful shoes!” – Emma

“Joking about how much I’m eating but they’re actually not joking…” – Steph

“If she has a hairy top lip.” – Nick

“Bad nails. And if someone pronounces something funny even though the word is used all the time.” – Alex

“Women with really loud voices.” – Harry

“Men who are rude to their mum and getting too emotional early on.” – Rachel

“Smoker’s breath or dog food breath.” – Chris

“If she’s too high maintenance.” – Dave

“Men who wear thumb rings.” – Alexia

“Lack of motivation, laziness, neediness, no backbone, bad teeth and greasy hair.” – Rosie

“Bad manners and eating with their mouth open.” – Richard

“Fugly feet, bad hygiene and narrow mindedness.” – Nathan

“Armpit hair. Also, using recreational drugs is a big no-no.” – Tom

“Bad teeth and ugly shoes.” – Jessica

“Stupidity, if I can’t have an interesting conversation with them I’m done. And bad names!” – Sarah

“Long, dirty finger nails (ewww!), ripped jeans, bad hygiene, aggressive behaviour and swearing too much.” – Aneela

“Bad teeth, bad breath and bad fashion sense.” – David

“Poor manners.” – Rebecca

“If a guy owns pets, if he’s shorter than me, doesn’t want children, bad hygiene and clinginess to name a few…” – Jade

“As long as she’s female, I’ll date her…” – Matt

Now it’s your turn! What are your dating deal breakers?

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Rachel is a Marketing Executive. She’s obsessed with Game of Thrones and country music. Her favourite pastime is cuddling up with her two Labradors and binge watching Netflix.

3 responses to “20 Just Singles Share Their Dating Deal Breakers…”

  1. garden gal says:

    I am 71 yrs old and do not look my age 5 ft 3 and 124# some college, have manners and although I can be found mostly in casual attire I can definitely dress up, no problem. I am clean, not a smoker or toker of any kind, can not tolerate pets and rarely drink. I take pride in my appearance do not go around with hairy armpits or unshaven legs and expect my guy to be clean shaven, weight appropriate and pass my deal breakers which are mentioned in my second sentence.

    I am on several other dating sites but the deal breakers I specify just do not seem to present many options. Whats a girl to do??

    • Just Singles says:

      Hi there Garden Gal,

      We’ve all got deal breakers and you shouldn’t have to compromise on yours! Why don’t you have a look at some of our most popular sites at http://www.justsingles.com/uk/index.php and find a dating site that suits you!

      Kind Regards,
      The Just Singles Team

  2. Danny says:

    Every enjoy and be happy.