15 Weird (But Useful!) Dating Tips

Here at Just Singles we live, breathe and sleep dating, and in our extensive research we’ve found some interesting facts for our readers. Some are obvious, some are surprising and some are just downright weird!


40% of women will consider dumping their new love interest if their friends don’t like him.

You’re more likely to fall for your date if the location is more exciting.

The most common time to break up is between 3 and 5 months.


Uploading a picture onto your profile doubles your chance of receiving a message.

The average person will go on around 100 dates before they get married (don’t give up!).

The biggest turn off on a date is being negative.


Being in love improves your physical and mental health – especially for men.

The best day of the week for a first date is Wednesday.

Using your date’s name often in conversation makes you look more attentive.


57% of women base their first impressions on body language.

Italian and Chinese food are the most popular first date meals.

2 years is the average time it takes for a couple who met online to get married, compared to 3.5 years offline.


58% of women don’t want an expensive first date, they’d prefer something a little more casual.

Dinner and drinks is the most popular date choice, followed by meeting for coffee.

50% of men say that they should pick up the bill on a first date, 67% of women agree.


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