10 Signs Your Relationship Is Going Somewhere

When you start seeing someone new, it’s hard to imagine ever doing some of the things you do in private in front of them. So, once you’ve found someone who ticks all these boxes, don’t let them go!


You can eat a full rack of ribs with your hands in front of them without feeling self-conscious

You start dressing for comfort rather than trying to be sexy all the time

You no longer feel the need to wait until you get home to go to the toilet

Getting ready for a night out takes half the time

You’re not worried about disagreeing with them on some things

They don’t mind kissing you in the morning, even when you have messy hair and morning breath

Getting changed in front of them doesn’t seem scary anymore

They surprise you with your favourite junk food when you’re feeling low

Doing something boring like the weekly shop is still fun because it’s with them

You can be together in silence without it being awkward

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