10 Dreadful First Messages You’ve Received

Recently, we’ve been asking you for the worst first messages you’ve received on the site. We wanted the kind of messages that make your toes curl – that make you keep pressing delete for a couple of minutes,  just to make sure you never have to see it again. We want to put an end to the boring, cringe, offensive and just plain wrong opening lines. So here are the biggest turn-offs in the world of online dating, where first impressions count…

1. “Fancy coming for a spin in my Ferrari some time?” (You clearly don’t even have a car.)

be normal

2. ” Hi Jane!” (Would be acceptable, but my name is Lauren so it isn’t.)

wrong name

3. “Hi there, so maybe you’d like to tell me some stuff about you.” (I‘ve written 3 paragraphs of profile info, that has clearly not been read.)

eye roll

4. “Hey, let me take you on a date, I will slay dragons for you, and I know how to run a good bath 😉 (Sorry, I’ll be doing the running.)

run away

5. “Hello, this is my number, what’s yours?” (I literally know nothing about you.)

oh god

6. “Wow! You look like my ex-girlfriend/boyfriend!” (You need to move on, but not with me.)

move on

7. “Hi, I know what you’re going to ask, my profile photo of me and that big trophy? Yes, that was when I won my fifth pub quiz. I’d love to tell you more of my achievements over dinner!” (I don’t think there’d be room in the restaurant for your big head.)

dont care about

8. “Hello. I’m new to this, so I’m not sure what I’m meant to say…” (Errr…try some words.)

say something

9. “Hey. I’ll tell you more about myself. As it says in my profile, I run a company with approx 10 staff. I’ve worked hard to achieve this…” (When’s the part where you ask me a question?!)

go away

10. Digestives or Custard Creams? (How about neither.)


So there you have it. Let’s never let these happen again. If you’re thinking – “I’ve been sent worse!” Then please, let us know what was sent to you in the comments (because we don’t believe you can think of worse.) If you’re thinking – “Hey! That’s the message I just sent to someone!” We have a post coming up with a guide on writing a great first message! Stay tuned…

 Until next time,
The Just Singles Team